It is an honour and a privilege to support families during such a traumatic time in their lives and we are very grateful to them all for taking the time to forward the following feedback to the Association of Natural Burial Grounds.

Natural woodland burial ground in Angus

“The layout of the grounds, attention to detail, intense focus on biodiversity, sustainability, focus on the principles of a natural burial and most of all, detailed yet delicate explanations of the end-to-end experience made this is an easy, memorable and moving event for us all. There is truly no improvement that I can imagine that needs the attention of Alma.


All the elements of explanation were completed with dignity, compassion, professionalism and at my pace. Hence when we all arrived on the day of the burial, nothing was a surprise.


The opposite.


Alma managed to convert a time of grief into a memorable event of respect, celebration, and compassion. All in the Scottish outdoors in the winter.


There was a rapture of thanks from all the grieving friends and relatives as they made their way home. All of this was down to Alma. This was perfection.


Thank you from my heart Alma, and to all of you at the NDC for supporting, validating and creating such a truly brilliant approach to the perfect blend of nature, the passing of a loved one and the sincerity of simplicity.”


A Rees

“Beautiful resting place for my Dad. Perfect in every way. Peaceful and surrounded by wildlife which Dad loved so much. It is a pleasure to visit Dad and not cold or morbid like a graveyard. Alma is so friendly and warm and was very happy to help with anything at all so makes it feel very personal. I know Dad was honoured and pleased to have met her before passing”


L Siddle

“From finding this natural burial ground, contacting Alma, meeting her and burying my mum was the smoothest experience possible. Alma’s sympathetic and caring manner reassured me that this was the perfect place for mum – it was her wishes to be buried with a tree planted at her feet and Alma made this happen. My mums love of nature makes CairnBrae the most suitable place for her.”


D Keay

“Alma was a tremendous support and help during our recent bereavement and I couldn’t image a nicer resting place for my husband.”


W Myles

“The whole experience was so very well managed by Alma. Her approach and ethos was thoroughly explained. The site is exceptional, and we are fortunate to have it so very nearby.”


R Scrimgeour

“CairnBrae is very welcoming and instantly put us at ease. The site does not feel like a typical burial site and you almost forget that it is when visiting, it really does feel tranquil. As beautiful and peaceful as the site is, our main deciding factor was based on meeting Alma who looks after the site day to day. The level of customer service we have experienced from day 1 of meeting Alma has been above and beyond expectation. When we visit my uncle’s grave, we regularly see Alma who is constantly looking after and maintaining the site to make sure it stays at its best. She is always welcoming with a friendly chat and hug. We have now purchased more family plots and likely to purchase more in the future as our whole family have said they too would like to be laid to rest there. As a family, we only have the upmost opinion about the burial ground and Alma, we are beyond thankful for the peace of mind it has given us.”


K Findlay

“I was so relieved to find CairnBrae for my sister. It was just what I wanted in terms of layout and administration. Alma has given this a lot of thought and effort and has placed benches to sit and have a quiet thought and be with nature. It is beautiful.”


J Martin

“A beautiful setting. Alma was kind, respectful and sensitive to our wishes and needs, before and after the interment.”


H Christie

“The level of care and attention provided by Alma has been wonderful. CairnBrae is a delightful place to lay a loved one to rest.”


R Elliot

“Alma works tirelessly to keep CairnBrae lovely and peaceful as we would find it now.”


N Paton

“CairnBrae is a beautiful burial ground in a lovely location. My wife felt it was the perfect resting place where she would be close to nature and well looked after by Alma”


F Hunter

“Such a beautiful place – so peaceful and we were very well looked after. Dad is in a lovely spot. Thank you Alma”


J Robb

“The service we received from Alma was amazing. She was extremely professional and welcoming. I think this is a unique and beautiful idea and hope we are the first of many families to lay to rest our loved ones there”


A Penny

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